Short film TRT 5 min.
Writer/Director:  Chris Olness

Logline:  An astronaut struggles to re-adapt to domestic life after returning from outer space a changed man, but manages to rediscover love, friendship and beauty through surfing.

Winner of the Levi's "Go Forth — Show Us The Way" competition, in partnership with the American Film Institute.

2012 AFI FEST - Premier
2013 Sonoma International Film Festival
2013 Mill Valley Film Festival
2014 Festival Sayulita

Cast:  Benjamin Parrillo, Rachel Boston, Ethan Lovell, Andrew Gray McDonnell, Billy Hume
Writer:  Chris Olness
Director:  Chris Olness
Producers:  Mitchell Waxman, Eric Sherman
Visual Effects Producer:  Terry Politis – Ixor Visual FX
Associate Producer:  Cliff Schumacher
Director of Photography:  Harris Charalambous
Production Designer:  Aaron Goffman
Wardrobe:  Dolly Pratt
Makeup Artist:  Seana Gorlick
Editor:  Erin Nordstrom
Original Score Composed by:  Kurt Oldman
Poster Design:  Arsonal

Thanks to all involved for their generous support!

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