Learning to Swim

Short Film TRT 20 min.
Director / Co-writer:  Chris Olness

Winner of the Showtime Latino Filmmaker Award

Distributed by:  Showtime

Logline:  In order to save a life, a tormented boy must overcome his fear for water developed after witnessing his younger brother's accidental drowning.

Cast:  Alexis Cruz, Yareli Arizmendi
Director:  Chris Olness
Writer:  Chris Olness & Yelba Osorio
Producer:  Chris Olness, Yelba Osorio, Gerald Stetson
Cinematographer:   Marco Cappetta
Editor:   Kerie Kimbrell
Music Composer:  Kurt Oldman
Production Designer:   Karyn Burgner
Film Lab:  Deluxe Lab
Colorist:  Paul Bronkar - 525 Studios

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